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Teach you how to choose the appropriate clothing tag

Generally speaking, black cardboard, white cardboard, Kraft paper and kraft paper are often used to make clothing tags. Kraft paper and kraft paper are usually used as tags for jeans and jeans. White Kraft paper can be used as tags for many kinds of clothes. At the same time, the printing effect is also very good. How to make a choice when using it? Today, I will give a brief introduction to the manufacturer of Quanyu hang tags.

If you want to use it as a hanging tag for jeans, and of course, if you want to use kraft paper, you can choose to use imported kraft paper of more than 300 grams, especially American kraft cards, because most American kraft cards are made of all wood pulp, with clear wood pulp patterns and antique colors, which can perfectly match the color of the jeans.
Of course, if the positioning of jeans is fashionable, you can choose black card or white Kraft paper paper at this time, which can form a large visual difference and give a visual impact. For other clothing, if the positioning is stable and rustic, it is more suitable to choose kraft cardboard with raw wood pulp as a hanging tag.

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