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Toothbrush embroidery series products

Toothbrush embroidery is one of the types of computer embroidery. Common embroidery methods include flat embroidery, full embroidery, fabric embroidery, three-dimensional embroidery, towel embroidery, etc.
The so-called "toothbrush embroidery" is named after the effect produced is similar to a toothbrush, also known as vertical thread embroidery. It involves adding a certain height of auxiliary material (such as EVA) to the fabric during the ordinary embroidery process. After the embroidery is completed, tools are used to repair the embroidery thread on the EVA and remove the auxiliary material, forming the embroidery with the same shape as my toothbrush. Commonly known as toothbrush embroidery.
Toothbrush embroidery can be divided into two types, one is called reverse toothbrush embroidery, and the other is called front toothbrush embroidery.
1. Reverse toothbrush embroidery refers to the effect of turning the fabric upside down and processing it after embroidery on the back. The embroidery thread produced by reverse embroidery will stand upright and tidy. However, since reverse embroidery is not conducive to mixed embroidery with multiple embroidery methods, it is usually used in simple toothbrush embroidery situations.
Frontal toothbrush embroidery refers to the effect of embroidery on the front of a fabric. Due to the dry knot between the top thread and the bottom thread, the processed effect of the embroidery thread may appear more chaotic than the reverse embroidery. However, it can be combined with other embroidery methods such as flat embroidery to make the pattern more diverse and rich.


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