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What are the common types of ribbon gifts

Nylon Ribbon for Ribbon Gifts
Nylon ribbons are widely used, first of all, they can be used as ribbons, bows, decorations for women's shirts, skirt edges, sleeve edges, and ribbons for women's underwear. The ribbons we often see are mainly black nylon ribbons, pink nylon ribbons, and white nylon ribbons.

Silk Screen Ribbon for Ribbon Gifts
Why is the silk printed ribbon mentioned here? It is mainly used widely in headwear (and is a favorite among girls), with a long ponytail and a 20cm long dot printed ribbon at the back, which is small, fresh and full of style. The big ribbon butterfly hairpin is clipped on the Bowl cut, is it more kawaii.

Polyester Ribbon for Ribbon Gifts
Polyester ribbons are not as glamorous as nylon ribbons as ribbon gifts; The color of polyester is relatively dull, but its advantage is that it is calm and not noisy; So polyester ribbons, especially 10, 12, and 16 wide polyester ribbons, are often presented in different colors in our daily lives as ribbon gifts. The decorations and scene arrangements at weddings, as well as the large ribbon bouquets below the bride's bouquet, are presented in different colors; Ribbon knots in gift boxes; With just a small touch of embellishment, you can enhance the beauty of neatness, soft but not dazzling; That's why polyester ribbons stand out like this.

In addition, there should be many aspects to ribbon gifts. In recent years, people have not only focused on the intrinsic nature of the gift, but also on the outer packaging of the gift. An exquisite ribbon gift packaging outer box must be several times more expensive than an unprocessed and decorated gift box. External beauty has become the dominant advantage; So, after wrapping the ribbon gift, whether it's for gift giving or decoration, it's a good choice.

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